Грейферное оборудование

Clamshell equipment

Sales price 1500000,00 rubles

Mounted Clamshell equipment to the excavator with a digging depth of up to 10, 15, 25 m.

The excavator's clamshell equipment -designed for digging pits, wells, pits, etc. in rocks of I-V category of hardness, as well as for cleaning of silt and sludge from settling pits of metallurgical industries, reinforced concrete factories, agricultural facilities, municipal storm water manholes, digging of access wells for tunnelling shields and complexes, etc.

Attachments are available in three sizes, with a digging depth of up to 10.15 and up to 25 m. and with a jaw opening width of 1000 to 2000 mm. In addition, at the customer's request we can manufacture attachments for excavators of any size group with other parameters, including for driving workings in formations of V-VII category of hardness without the use of drilling and blasting operations.

The productivity of sinking pits and wells of round and rectangular cross-section in rocks of the I-V category of fortress is up to 3 p.m. per hour


When sinking wells for water supply, TNTC MASHGEO can complete mounted clamshell equipment with geophysical equipment for radio wave sounding and profiling, which determines with a high degree of accuracy the depth of occurrence of aquifers and horizons.