Composite reinforcement (TSA)

The Mashgeo Group offers non-metallic composite reinforcement that is unrivalled in the world for its physical and mechanical properties.

Chemically and UV resistant:

The unique chemical composition of the resins and hardeners gives the reinforcement 100% resistance to aggressive media and UV, which makes it possible to use it in facilities with high requirements for

resistance to aggressive environments: port construction, livestock farms, various chemical storage facilities, etc. There is a corrosion survey report available.


The slab reinforced with TSA reinforcement in fire tests withstood heating under full load of 362kg/m2 at 1200oC for 4 hours without collapsing. According to the test results, the REI 240 fire resistance index was assigned.

Cross - shaped profile:

The reinforcement is produced using a special technology that makes it possible to create a bi-directional "cross" profile on the surface of the reinforcement bar, which significantly increases its resistance to concrete compared to reinforcement bars from other manufacturers.

Replacement of steel rebar:

Compared with steel reinforcement, non-metallic reinforcement of our production has 2 times greater specific strength, 9 times less weight and is a dielectric. The economic effect of replacing steel reinforcement with the proposed composite reinforcement is up to 30%

The products are certified.

Below we present a comparative table on the characteristics of steel and fiberglass reinforcement.