Самоходная скреперная установка УСС

Self-propelled scraper installation OSS

The self-propelled scraper installation is designed for mechanization of sinking of prospecting and exploration ditches up to 15 m deep. In sediments of category I-IV fortress in areas accessible to tracked vehicles, as well as for the excavation of previously loosened frozen sediments and rocks. Extraction of minerals from under water.

A high-passable skidding tractor is used as a base, which allows its operation in hard-to-reach areas in populated and rough terrain with slopes up to 30 °, the maximum slope of the passable ditch is 15°. The scraper unit is controlled from the tractor cab. The scraper winch is mounted on the frame of the base tractor, here the end support and the scraper umbrella-shaped bucket are placed in the transport position. Unloading of the bucket and installation of the support is carried out by a manipulator with a hydraulic drive having an end grip.