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Heavy-duty diamond materials for drill bits

The new development of scientists and specialists from Novosibirsk really surprised the whole country. It was in this distant city from the capital that experiments were carried out for several years in a row to create a sufficiently strong material. Diamonds extracted from the Popigayskoye deposit were used as experimental samples. This development is already being used as specialized inserts that are designed for drill bits.

A new diamond step drill bit has been patented

For a long time, the structure of the drill bit has been the object of heated discussions and disputes. Many scientific enterprises and centers have tried to improve its structure and significantly improve technical indicators: increase durability, increase drilling speed, and maximize the preservation of the core.

Drilling rigs are required more and more often

Today, drilling rigs are required by people more and more often, and this is quite logical, because without such modern high-tech equipment it is impossible to perform many works.

Geological exploration

Currently, the main preparatory event, after which it is possible to start mining directly, is geological exploration.


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