Mining and processing equipment

Design and production of mining and processing equipment is the main and priority activity of LLC NPF MASHGEO.

The specifics and variety of applications of processing equipment (enrichment of ores, sands and man-made materials containing various precious metals; enrichment of diamond-bearing rocks; extraction of other useful components from the source material), as well as a large regional variation in the characteristics of the source materials, do not allow us to limit ourselves to the supply of standard equipment. The company's specialists, being the developers of the supplied equipment, have the ability and qualifications to take into account all the features of the customer's technical specifications in each specific case.

Manufactured mining and processing equipment


  • hydrocyclones of all sizes used in preliminary operations of the process cycle for desliming and beneficiation of the deslimed and graded feed material, as well as in cleaning operations in the processing of river and pit sand-gravel mixtures and for the treatment of waste and industrial water;
  • Centrifugal concentrators and centrifugal vibrating planetary concentrators for primary concentrate production and finishing, operating both in manual and automatic mode;
  • scrubber drums for disintegrating and classifying feed material;
  • Vibrating concentrators for beneficiation of diamond bearing ores and for use in auxiliary operations in precious metal beneficiation;
  • full-cycle enrichment plants for sample processing in mine exploration and small-scale industrial mining of precious metals.

In addition to the supply of the listed mining and processing equipment for individual items, our processing equipment plant offers customers comprehensive technological solutions based on the results of the study of the source material and supplies equipment for industrial complexes of the full technological cycle.