Pneumatic high frequency vibrators

Designed for high-quality vibration compaction of concrete mix in the manufacture of concrete products, construction of foundations, foundations, bored piles, piles of shells, bridge supports; for vibration compaction and smoothing of asphalt pavements and road slopes; for vibration compaction of brick blanks of all types during pressing, vibration of bunkers, leaks, at processing plants, in sintering plants on metallurgical injection molding machines for example, when compacting gravel filters of artesian wells, cleaning pipes from deposits.

Vibrators provide a circular volumetric, two-plane vibration load with a smoothly adjustable intensity depending on the pressure and air flow. Vibrators are easy to set up and operate, have the highest reliability and durability with any quality of compressed air (dust, dirt, water, etc.). They are available in brewed form, do not require maintenance.

Vibrators do not require maintenance, monitoring during operation during the entire service life is carried out only for the reliability of the attachment of the vibrator with the vibration system and the hose. They can be operated at ambient temperatures from — 60 to + 400 degrees. At the same time, the humidity and dust content of compressed air is not regulated. Process water from industrial pumps can be used as an energy carrier.

It is possible to manufacture a special size of vibrators for specific technical requirements of the Customer.