Pneumatic hoists PPCM

The pneumatic hoist is a telescopic pneumatic cylinder used to lift the fastening material in the mining. In the working position, the pneumatic hoist rests on the bottom of the face and, with the help of a pneumatic cylinder, lifts the fastening material to the roof.

In the lower part of the air lift there is an air supply control unit, the handle of which has three positions: lifting, neutral, lowering.

In the upper part of the pneumatic hoist there is a removable stop fixed to the threaded connection having two versions: for lifting the mesh and for lifting the SVP-27 profile.

PPCM feed stroke, total (mm) Nominal pressure of compressed air PPKM (MPa | kgf/cm.kv) Feed force PPCM, min (H | kgf) Assembled length (mm) PPCM feed stroke, total (mm)
Pneumatic hoists PPCM PPTU-1,20.5±0.05 | 5±0.51200 | 1202100±51200±5
Pneumatic hoists PPCM PPTU-1,70,5±0,05 | 5±0,51200 | 1202100±51700±5
Pneumatic hoists PPCM PPTU-2,40,5±0,05 | 5±0,51200 | 1202100±52400±5
Pneumatic hoists PPCM PPTU-3,00,5±0,05 | 5±0,51200 | 1202100±53000±5