A new diamond step drill bit has been patented

For a long time, the structure of the drill bit has been the object of heated discussions and disputes. Many scientific enterprises and centers have tried to improve its structure and significantly improve technical indicators: increase durability, increase drilling speed, and maximize the preservation of the core.

The new development is a bit that has been reinforced with artificial and natural diamonds. Its main purpose is to be used together with technological equipment for drilling wells (medium and large depth).

It is worth noting that the main structure, which consists of a number of steps, provides an opportunity to make wells not only in fractured, but also mixed rocks. At the same time, drilling is carried out virtually without any deviations from the axis. The new development has a large margin of safety, allows the shaft to rotate faster and saves electricity costs.

There are already a number of product samples on the market today, which are made using an improved design.