Heavy-duty diamond materials for drill bits

The new development of scientists and specialists from Novosibirsk really surprised the whole country. It was in this distant city from the capital that experiments were carried out for several years in a row to create a sufficiently strong material. Diamonds extracted from the Popigayskoye deposit were used as experimental samples. This development is already being used as specialized inserts that are designed for drill bits.

It is worth noting that the staff of the Tula MASHGEO Center constantly exchanged thoughts, repeatedly visited Novosibirsk, and also provided assistance to colleagues in every possible way in the development of heavy-duty material.

According to one of the company's specialists, this product was created due to shrinkage (that is, actually compaction) of particles (very small sizes). At the same time, the pressure must correspond to 8 GPA, and the ambient temperature - from 1600C to 1800C. This is how rods were created, which are used for the production of inserts into crowns for complex and very deep drilling.

The conducted tests have demonstrated that the resulting material is 30-40 times superior to products created on the basis of synthetic diamonds and various mixtures using hard alloys.